Ruth Miskin Data Privacy Commitment

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, reflecting the importance of data protection in our increasingly digital world. It is important that the personal information of our customers is handled in accordance with GDPR. Download our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a GDPR Readiness project operating to ensure we meet our obligations relating to data protection as the new regulations come into force.

  • From the viewpoint of our customers, we are proud of the security measures that we already have in place and we do not expect any significant changes as a result of our GDPR readiness preparations
  • Ruth Miskin products and services will operate as usual and we will ensure that our customers benefit from our attention to security and data protection
  • Ruth Miskin Training will keep customers informed of updates to aspects such as privacy notices that refer to the new regulations, as these become available in the next few weeks
  • There is no accredited third-party certification for GDPR at present. This may change in the future for example, the European Commission may take forward a “Data Protection Seal”. Ruth Miskin Training will keep watch on developments in this area

Ruth Miskin Training is based in the EU and our products make use of industry-standard hosting providers operating in Western Europe.

  • As part of our GDPR Readiness activities and as required by the regulations we are updating our analysis of processing activities as part of our continuous review of how personal information is handled across our business operations, products and services
  • Ruth Miskin Training is a global organisation and it is important that the personal information of our customers and our own people is handled in accordance with GDPR
  • Our data protection governance arrangements and privacy mindset ensure that our operations are subject to continuous review to maintain alignment with GDPR as we introduce new products and services
  • Our Third-party service providers operate under the same regulatory regimes and we select industry standard suppliers to ensure that we can deliver the best products and services

We have online information for Ruth Miskin School Portal users, or get in touch with our Head Office Team.

  • We provide secure online self-service access to account information for our customers via the School Portal
  • If you need further information additional to that available through our online channels our customers can contact Ruth Miskin Training Head Office who will be pleased to assist with general enquiries
  • Existing legislation and GDPR require organisations to respond to data subject access requests, Ruth Miskin Training is already able to do so and this process is being refined in preparation for GDPR
  • We will need to authenticate your identity to ensure we handle any request securely

No functional change is anticipated for Ruth Miskin Training products, however as part of our GDPR readiness preparations we are updating our Privacy Policy, these will be published and users notified.

  • Ruth Miskin Training Privacy Policies are being updated to contain wording that aligns with the requirements of GDPR
  • Once the Privacy Policies are updated for Ruth Miskin Training’s set of products and services, users will be notified via email, Newsletter and/or in-product alerts
  • Where users have already consented to receiving material such as the Ruth Miskin Training Newsletter, we provide the ability for users to change or withdraw consent, for example adapting the frequency of newsletter or unsubscribing